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8 Types of Levels and Their Uses

  Every contractor and builder has several tools that are must-haves in their arsenal. One such tool is the level. A good level will help make sure that everything you build is true and plumb. No more slanting shelves or decks. With a level, you can be sure that what you’re putting up is square. […]

Selecting the Best Tool for Properly Screeding Concrete

Screeding is the very last step you’ll take in finishing off a new concrete surface. Whether you’re getting a surface ready for pavers, setting a basement floor or concrete countertop, it’s important in the final stages that the concrete is completely level. This ensures a smooth, even surface once the concrete cures, without ridges, bumps […]

9 Essential Tools for Builders & Remodelers

  As most builders know, remodeling can be difficult work – but when done right, it’s a deeply rewarding experience. Having said that, before starting a remodeling task, it is important for builders to have the right set of tools. Below we discuss some of the most useful tools available for all your building and […]

Reading Between the Lines – Measuring Tape Edition

A measuring tape is the one tool that can be found in every toolbox, regardless of who it belongs to. Measuring tapes are essentially flexible rulers used to measure length or distance and are made from various materials like plastic, fiberglass and cloth. Whether you’re working on remodeling and building homes or setting up IKEA […]

Fiberglass vs. Steel Measuring Tape: Which One Is Right for You?

Source Whether it’s surveying, engineering or construction, measuring tapes are some of the most important tools used throughout many phases of a project. Every measurement requires total precision and accuracy, so using the right type of measuring tape is integral to a project’s success.   Fiberglass and steel measuring tapes have long been popular choices […]

Chalk Line Reels: How to Choose and Why?

    Tools abound on construction sites, but is there anything quite as crucial, yet underappreciated, as a chalk line? The technology is simple, dating back to ancient Egypt, but is still the standard when it comes to setting a perfectly straight line over feet and yards, leaving a temporary, or even a nearly permanent, […]

How Accurate Are Your Construction Tools?

How long is a hundred feet? While any quality measuring tape should show the intervals of feet and inches to be the same, regardless of the manufacturer, it may surprise you to know that the full answer varies depending on the purpose of your measurement and the tools you use. A hundred feet when pouring […]

Measuring Wheels: What Are They and How Are They Used

Source If you’re a builder, remodeler, Realtor or surveyor, then you’re probably used to taking measurements of large areas. And while you have many tools at your disposal to take those measurements with, there is one that will take measurements for you effortlessly while you walk. The measuring wheel is one of the oldest measuring […]

Uncommon Locations to Use Measuring Tools

Ever heard of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon? Even if you haven’t officially, you know what it means. It’s when you buy something new, like a pair of red shoes, and then suddenly everyone around you also seems to have red shoes. Or you learn an obscure fact, only to be asked about it the very next […]