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Measuring Wheels

We work hard to make sure our measuring wheels are the best in the world. We are the new standard, leading the industry in the development of surveyors measuring wheels with better features and more valuable benefits.

  • Our counters are the sturdiest and the most reliable. Our measuring wheels are designed to protect the counter, the most valuable component of the wheel.
  • With the industry's strongest frames, the MP wheels have become the professional's choice.
  • Longest Warranties – Limited Lifetime Warranty on all but 3 models (2-year limited wheel warranty for MP401E, RRT6 and RRT12).
  • Safety – All of our large distance measuring wheels come with a reflector to help keep you safe while you work.


99.7% accurate on a flat, even track.


All of our measuring wheels (except the RRT12 and RRT6) are assembled and tested in Aurora, IL.


We listen. We create new products and improve current models based on your feedback and our own expertise. We're continuously improving our products and processes to meet your precise needs.