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Foil Underground Detectable Tape

Permanent Message

Color band and black ink imprint are encapsulated in the tape. Ink does not extend to edges, giving maximum bond between plies.

Aluminum Core

A solid detectable core makes it the choice for locating nonmetalic lines.


Constructed with prime resin, it’s durable. Tolerates -94° F to 200° F. temperature range.


Meets OSHA regulation 1926-956 (C) (I) covering location of underground utility lines.

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Model UPC
Color Legend: Buried… Width
FDT2BEL 022939 red electric line 2 in.
FDT2BFOL 023080 orange fiber optic line 2 in.
FDT2BGL 022991 yellow gas line 2 in.
FDT2BSL 023110 green sewer line 2 in.
FDT2BWL 023059 blue water line 2 in.
FDT3BEL 022946 red electric line 3 in.
FDT3BFOL 023080 orange fiber optic line 3 in.
FDT3BGL 023004 yellow gas line 3 in.
FDT3BSL 023127 green sewer line 3 in.
FDT3BWL 023066 blue water line 3 in.
FDT6BEL 022953 red electric line 6 in.

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.