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ProChalk Permanent

ProChalk Permanent for weatherproof and waterproof lines that aren’t going to go away any time soon. Most users are choosing this level of intensity for applications that are going to be covered. This level is engineered for more extreme conditions. Exterior applications include exterior layout, extreme conditions, concrete layout, long-term applications.

Performance Ranking: 4

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Model UPC (052837) Color Weight Special Features
PM8BLACK 021482 black 8 oz. waterproof
PM8BLUE 021505 blue 8 oz. waterproof
PM8RED 021529 red 8 oz. waterproof
PM103BLACK 021499 black 3 lbs. waterproof
PM103BLUE 021512 blue 3 lbs. waterproof
PM103RED 021536 red 3 lbs. waterproof
PM105BLACK 025299 black 5 lbs. waterproof
PM105BLUE 025688 blue 5 lbs. waterproof
PM105RED 025695 red 5 lbs. waterproof