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Small Torpedo Levels: The Ultimate Level for Tight Spaces

small torpedo level

A torpedo level is a type of spirit level that is an essential tool for any professional working in tight spaces. The body of the level is made of either metal or plastic and contains two or three tube vials. These tubes, or vials, contain yellowish-green additives and are used to determine the surface level.

Small torpedo-style levels are one of the most popular levels. They are not only useful for tight spaces, but they are extremely handy for easy to read, quick checks – making them an essential tool for certain jobs.

The Benefits of Small Torpedo Levels

1. Accuracy

All sizes of torpedo levels, including small levels, have great accuracy tolerance levels to ensure the most accurate results. Keson’s torpedo levels have the following tolerance levels:

  • LKTFM V-Groove: +/- 0.00005 in./in. standard and +/- 0.00075 in./in. inverted
  • LKTRF: +/- 0.001 in./in. standard
  • LKTSF: +/- 0.001 in./in. standard
  • LKTPRM V-Groove: +/- 0.015 in./in. standard
  • LKGOM GO! V-Groove: +/- 0.00075 in./in. standard

2. Construction

The body and material of a torpedo level are dependent upon its use. This is why small torpedo style levels are usually made of a robust aluminum body; aluminum alloys provide a strengthened build that can withstand shocks and drops.

3. Use and Grip

Belt clips, which come with small torpedo levels, are an excellent feature of small torpedo-style levels, as the tool can be easily clipped on and carried around for spot-checks.

4. V-Groove

Small  torpedo levels feature a V-groove. This is a groove in the exterior of the torpedo level, which fits against pipes to tell if they are fitted horizontally or perpendicularly.

5. Magnetic

Certain models of short torpedo levels are equipped with powerful magnets, so they can ‘stick’ to metal pipes, scaffold poles or other metallic surfaces.

This magnetic edge allows for hands-free use, so professionals can conveniently place the levels on magnetic surfaces without worrying about it sliding off.

How to Use Small Torpedo Levels

LKTRF in use

  1. Place the small torpedo level on the surface of the object you want to find the exact level of.
  2. Make certain that the level vial runs parallel to the object.
  3. The air bubble in the vial should float to the top of the torpedo level.
  4. Check the air bubble inside the vial.
    1. If the air bubble is centered between lines, your surface or object is level.
    2. If the air bubble is positioned towards the right side of the vials line, the object is slanted downwards from right-to-left.
    3. If the air bubble is positioned left of vial line, the object is slanted downwards from left-to-right.
  5. If you want to find the true diagonal, just repeat the whole process by holding the small level diagonally (this type of usage is supported by torpedos with three vials).

How to Use a Magnetic Torpedo Level

  1. Place the magnetic torpedo level on a metal surface.
  2. Release the torpedo level.
  3. Wait for the air bubble to float to the top of the vial.
  4. Look at the vial’s bubble to determine its position
    1. If the air bubble is in the center, or between the lines, the object is level.
    2. If the air bubble is on the right side, the object is higher on the right.
    3. If the air bubble is on the left side, the object is higher on the left.

The Best Small Torpedo Level Options

Keson is the industry leader for advanced torpedo levels that are reliable, durable and long-lasting. Customers can choose the best small torpedo levels for the job from a range of products:



The LKTFM is a very sturdy small torpedo level with an aluminum die-cast body and three FOCUS-60 vials. It has a milled measuring surface and V-groove for scaffolding and steel pipes. This combination of features allows professionals to use this short torpedo level for fast and accurate readings.



small torpedo level


The LKTSF small torpedo level is a classic!

It is 9 inches long, has advanced FOCUS-20 vials and tapered ends, which makes it perfect for use in congested areas.







The LKTRF is a small torpedo level that has stand-out features which include two vials, a rounded edge on one side and a bevel in the corner.

Builders and plumbers can easily measure tight spaces with this small torpedo level; it’s the best in the market!




specialty level


The LKTPRM is a simple, no-frills magnetic torpedo that contains three standard ring vials.

It comes with a special straight edge design and a V-groove for scaffolding and pipe work.




magnetic torpedo level


The LKGOM is only three inches long and contains one vial, a magnet and a belt clip – all of which makes it perfect for quick checks and spot-on accuracy.

It’s an extremely convenient and handy tool!





The LKL3 is another single vial, small line level by Keson.

When attached to a taut string line, it is perfect for keeping your wall, fence or grading level.



For more information on the level that would suit your needs best, contact Keson today.