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The blade lock automatically engages. The tape retracts with the push of a button.

highly-visibleA highly visible version of our second most popular tape type.

Our fastest growing specialty auto lock tape measure series. The user does not need to engage a lock to keep the blade extended. The push button release unlocks the blade and allows it to travel back into its case. These tapes come with a rubber-grip compact housing.


  • Nylon Coated Steel Blade
  • True to Zero Hook
  • Heavy Duty End Hook
  • Belt Clip
  • Easy-to-Read Graduations
  • Bumper Cushion
  • Chrome Plated Case
  • 3 Rivet Hook
Feature Defined
Lock Automatic, button release
Case & Components Chrome-Coated ABS/High-visibility orange ABS
Blade Nylon-Coated Steel
Impact Durability  High-visibility rubber grip


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Model UPC (052837) Length Units Zero Pt. Attachment Blade
auto lock tape measure PG1825AL 027606 7.5 m/25 ft ft, in, 1/8, 1/16 (1/32 first 12″) 1 up to 8 B1
lock-3 PG18M25AL 027866 7.5 m/25 ft ft, in, 1/8, 1/16 & cm, mm 1 up to 8 B5
lock-4 PG10M25AL 027712 7.5 m/25 ft ft, 1/10, 1/100 & cm, mm 1 up to 8 B6
lock-5 PG1825ALV 027804 7.5 m/25 ft ft, in, 1/8, 1/16 (1/32 first 12″) 1 up to 8 B1