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Choosing the Best Levels for Masons

Source When it comes to building and construction, masons have one of the most important and difficult jobs. They build structures, sometimes enormous buildings, from individual blocks or units. Because masonry usually forms a structure from the base up, it’s vital that each unit be perfectly level and plumb. Going out of level, even the […]

How to Read a Spirit Level

Source Levels are essential for anyone who is working with building materials. They help you determine if something is plumb (meaning if a vertical object is straight up and down, perpendicular to the horizon) or level (the object is perfectly flat, parallel to the horizon) in just a few quick moments. While there are several […]

Different Units of Length Measurement

How far is far? And how accurate do you need to be? The accuracy with which you measure dimensions of a room will vary depending on if you’re trying to cut a piece of drywall or figuring out whether your new area rug will fit under the coffee table. For as long as people have […]

The History of Measuring Tools

Source Since the beginning of time, measurements have played a major role in history. They served as a valuable frame of reference that enabled ancient civilizations to build, trade and create. We still carry many of these basic measurement principles with us today and use them in the modern world. The first measuring tools were […]

A Guide to Construction Measuring Tools

  There’s more to construction than hammering in nails. Before you start building, it’s important to ensure every measurement you take is accurate, such as position, length, height, width, plumb and level. To get the best measurements, you need to have a full range of measuring tools at your disposal. With new innovations occurring in […]

How to Pick a Durable Level

Levels are essential to every construction job. No matter how big or small, having an accurate level can mean the difference between a job done right or a job done crooked. But construction sites are not known to be soft, safe areas. Human error and simple mistakes can mean that sometimes things get dropped or […]