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The 9 Best Tape Measures for Professionals in 2019

When you’re working on a project, you need to know that your tape measure is accurate and durable. The last thing you need is for an inaccurate measurement to cost you time and money due to rework. You want the best tape measure for your specific job.

The best tape measures are those that can withstand force and resist breakage and damage under the toughest field conditions. When purchasing a tape measure, it’s important that builders opt for one that is of the highest quality in terms of accuracy and durability.

However, with so many different types of tape measures out there, even professionals find it hard to settle on the right type and brand for their needs.

Here, we’ve compiled the 9 best tape measures for builders to help make your buying decision easier.

Types of Tape Measures

There are three different types of tape measures and each is different in terms of the units, attachments and zero points they have.

Long Tape Measures

These measuring tapes are best for measuring long distances on-site that normal tapes cannot handle.

Also called surveyor’s tapes, long tapes are specially designed to precisely measure longer distances between 100-300 feet.

The best long measuring tapes include:

Steel Long Tape Measures

Steel long tape measures by Keson are constructed with double-layered .2mm nylon, bonded over a center core of 13 mm steel. These tape measures are durable and resistant to corrosion, thus ensuring long-term tape use – up to three times longer than other tape measures.

Steel long tape measures also have 3/8-inch-wide blades that are 10-20% lighter than 1/2-inch-wide blades. Despite the thinness of the blade, they are unlikely to be carried away with a gust of wind, providing more control over the blade while measuring.



Fiberglass Long Tapes



Fiberglass long tapes are extremely sturdy and can withstand normal wear and tear over a long period of time. They contain 40,000 fiberglass strands for greater strength and precision, especially when force is applied.

Multiple layers of PVC protect the tapes from fading or breaking, and a blade shield provides even more strength.


Most tapes stretch after long-term excessive use; however, fiberglass long tapes are heavy-duty tapes that stretch back to their original shape and length, even under duress.

Plus, the metal handles and a rubber grip ensure a sturdy hold and precision during measurements.

Short Tape Measures

For smaller spaces, a short tape measure is the right measuring tool. Most of these are pocket-friendly and portable devices that can be used for quick, precise measurements.

For example, short tape measures are useful for professionals working on apartments or well-demarcated houses.

Some of the best short tape measures and their qualities are outlined below.

Chrome Series



Keson’s chrome coated series is one of the most popular options for professionals and construction workers. This short tape measure comes in a variety of lengths and units.

The textured rubber grip ensures a firm hold, even when you’re wearing gloves. The measurement tape easily slides out in a swift motion, ensuring that you obtain precise measurements.


Other features, like the nylon coated blade, secure locking system, sturdy belt clip and bumper cushion, make this an affordable option for builders and other professionals.


Toggle Series


This series offers toggle locking features and a brightly colored case. Additionally, the fractional decimal tape breaks inches into decimals and fractions, allowing for a quick and easy measurement read.


The blades are coated with nylon for longevity and abrasion resistance. Other features include easy reading graduations, bumper cushion and three rivet hook for maximum durability and flexibility.





Economy Series


The Economy Series by Keson comes in a co-molded plastic that contains a lacquer-coated blade with easy to read markings. A break situated at the side slows and stops the blade’s return when on.


As the name indicates, this is an excellent measuring tape at an economical price.

Other features of this series include a bumper cushion, secure locking system, heavy-duty end hook and belt clip for added portability and durability.


Ultra Bright Blade



The Ultra Bright Blade series is easy to read even in low lighting, making it a better handy measurement tool than ordinary black and white blades. Also, these tapes are particularly useful in small dark corners, such as cabinets and cupboards.


Additionally, the blade has numbers in a larger font for enhanced readability and a vertical reading measurement in feet and inches. This tape measure is contained in a solid-ABS housing encased in a rubber panel.




Specialty Measuring Tapes


Special jobs require special measuring tools – Keson’s pocket rods, wood rulers and tally meters are all instruments that help professionals measure with precision. Check out our list of best special measuring tapes below:

Pocket Tape Measures


These tape measures are small and extremely pocket-friendly. The special arch of this pocket tape allows it to slide in and out without catching on your fingertips. It also comes with a removable belt clip and has a magnetic back that can easily stick to a cabinet, door frame or refrigerator.



Wood Rulers

Wooden rulers are the perfect tool for carpenters, plumbers, masons and other kinds of tradesmen. Extending to over 6 feet, they allow you to draw straight lines without resorting to the use of a chalk line. Keson offers wooden rulers in multiple categories, according to profession and usage.

These include:

  • WR1818X – BRASS EXTENDER for carpenters. The brass extension makes it easy to measure in tight openings. It measures in both feet and inches and has 1/16 inch graduations.
  • WR1818 – INSIDE READ for carpenters and woodworkers. This wooden ruler also has markings on both sides of the ruler for easy accessibility and usage.
  • WR1810 – ENGINEER for engineers and professionals who need to measure in tenths and feet. The decimal points on this ruler prevent any potential reading errors.
  • WR18M – METRIC for professionals who measure in metric. This 2-meter long ruler measures in mm, cm and meter graduations.
  • WR18BL – BRICK MASON for bricklayers and masons. This high-quality rulers has a clear, protective coating and measures in feet and inches, graduated to 1/16-inch. It also features a brick mason’s scale on the inside.

Pocket Rod


This grading rod is perfect for foundation work, swimming pools, and construction photo records. Its compact nature, easy-to-read numbers printed on both sides, and nylon coated blade make it an ideal measuring tool for many professionals. Keson’s Pocket Rod also comes with a heavy-duty end hook for added sturdiness and accuracy.


And that’s it: A comprehensive guide for selecting the best tape measures for construction workers and other professionals. Choosing the best measuring tape is no easy task, but armed with the right knowledge, you can make a quick and easy decision to meet your requirements.

For more information on these measuring tools and to browse Keson’s complete variety of tape measures, visit our site today!