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9 Essential Tools for Builders & Remodelers


As most builders know, remodeling can be difficult work – but when done right, it’s a deeply rewarding experience. Having said that, before starting a remodeling task, it is important for builders to have the right set of tools.

Below we discuss some of the most useful tools available for all your building and remodeling project needs.

Essential Tools For Builders & Remodelers


1. Chalk Marking


To ensure that your remodeling project is completed according to specifications and on-time, the first step is to carefully plan everything.

Specifically, plans of any structural changes that are required should be mapped out. After you’ve planned on paper, it is necessary to draw out physical guidelines with the help of marking tools such as a chalk line reel.


The color and pigment of the chalk mark impact the longevity of the line. This is why Keson’s marking chalks permanently stick to your line. Plus, there are a number of chalks to choose from depending on your preference and remodeling needs:


Prochalk Standard: This can be used for roofing, sliding and paneling, both on interior or exterior layouts. The chalk line is easy to clean up and wears away on its own without creating a mess.

Prochalk Permanent Chalk: This strong-hold chalk is both weatherproof and waterproof to withstand the most extreme conditions. It is best for long term applications on concrete layouts and extreme weather conditions.

Prochalk Ultimate Dye: This 100 percent pigmented dye is meant to last permanently. It can be used on all kinds of exteriors, such as concrete, withstanding extreme conditions and tough exterior layouts.


2. Claw Hammer


Without this item, your toolbox is incomplete. Hammers are the go-to builder’s tool for pushing nails into hard surfaces, or for joining and stabilizing objects. A claw hammer provides users with an extra feature of a rip claw to pull out nails, which is especially useful for remodeling.


Claw hammers come in different sizes, shapes and materials. However, you can get the job done easily without a heavy hammer. The standard weight of a claw hammer is from 8-16 oz., and a 16 oz. hammer is more than sufficient to drive any kind of nail into a surface or pull it out.


The head of the claw handle is made out of steel while the handle is either wood, fiberglass or steel for a smooth grip. Fiberglass handles, in particular, offer shock absorption properties, making them a lot more user-friendly.



3. Cordless Drill


A drill functions similarly to a screwdriver but saves you considerable time and manual labor. There are different types of drills, such as power drills and cordless drills.


A power or electric drill works on electricity and, as such, needs to be connected to a power source at all times during use. Although a drill is an essential remodeling tool, the electric drill can become troublesome during the building process because of its cord. In many cases, you would also require an extension cord to increase the distance at which you can use the drill.


Instead, invest in a cordless drill to help you work smarter. When choosing a cordless drill, keep in mind the three key aspects that determine the efficiency of the drill: torque, power and speed.


Once you figure out what your needs are, your cordless drill can help you finish any of your remodeling or building needs with ease and maximum productivity.


4. Carpenter Pencils



Another builder’s tool used for building and remodeling projects is carpenter pencils. After all, everyone needs to make their mark when measuring.


Keson’s carpenter pencils are available with red or black lead so your mark is sure to show up, no matter what the color of the surface. While the red and black lead comes in the Keson orange colored wood, there is also a white body available with black lead, if orange just isn’t your color.



5. Moisture Meter


Moisture meters are tools through which the percentage of water in objects or any surface can be detected. This builder tool is so essential, yet often overlooked in the rush of things.

With the help of a moisture meter, it can be ascertained whether a surface area is ready to be worked on.

The process for measuring moisture is straightforward: Builders can push the pins of the moisture meter into areas like drywall and activate the meter. The meter will then measure the amount of moisture detected. Extra measurements need to be taken at regular intervals to gauge the overall boundaries of the wet wall.

Depending on the percentage detected, it may be unsafe to work on that wall without proper safety measures and support.


6. Jigsaw


A jigsaw is a type of sawing power tool that has multiple uses in building and remodeling projects. The blade of this builder’s tool is detachable and can be replaced with different types so it can cut through a variety of materials.

Unlike the handheld saw or other types of powered saws, the jigsaw is able to make curved cuts as well. It’s also compact, making it easier to handle, and is far less intimidating than the traditional saw.

Keeping this in mind, a jigsaw is an excellent tool for projects that require you to make precise and curved cuts on wood surfaces, ceramic tiles and plastic.

Generally, the jigsaw is powered through electricity, but you can also find cordless ones at a slightly higher price range.




7. Tape Measure


A tape measure is a builder’s tool that should always be on hand. This is a precision instrument that helps builders determine the exact measurements of an area, and also to help construct furniture, planks, boards, etc., according to the specified measurements.

Often, even a centimeter of variation in measurement can majorly impact your entire project. This is why it is important to use a variation of tape measures depending on the size and scale of your project.

For smaller spaces, a short tape measure like the one from Keson’s Professional Series collection is useful. This is a pocket-friendly, short tape measure that can be used for quick, yet on the dot measurements.

Similarly, the Toggle Series offers a brightly colored case with a fractional decimal tape and maximum visibility. The blades are long-lasting and abrasion-resistant, making it the ideal instrument to be used in an apartment or a well-demarcated house.

For larger spaces, long tape measures should be used. For example, the Steel Long Tape Measure is designed to be used under the toughest of conditions as it resists breakage and damage. This nylon coated steel tape is constructed with a double-layered, .2mm nylon over a center core of 13mm steel.


8. Oscillating Tool


An oscillating tool is often overlooked in toolkits, although it has multiple uses like removing grout between tiles, sanding, leveling, making plunge-cuts and more.

All the above actions are commonly done by hand, which increases the time and effort required to complete a project. Instead, using an oscillating tool reduces your time and effort. Not only is this a versatile tool, but it is also light on the wallet, and saves users considerable time and effort when remodeling or building.

These are generally available cordless, and most come with an assortment of heads to perform different functions.



9. Level



This is a multipurpose tool that can be used for several different tasks. It is a crucial instrument to ensure that a horizontal or vertical surface is perfectly balanced or ‘level.’

Since levels are generally used in hazardous and rough environments, they need to be extremely sturdy. Search for levels with reinforced framing, an easy grip and shock absorbing end caps.

However, keep in mind that getting a sturdy level is pointless if it isn’t accurate. Each level has its own margin of error, depending on the brand. For minimal margin and the high accuracy, Keson’s Professional Box Beam Level is highly recommended. Plus, they come with patented SOLA FOCUS vials for an easy-to-read, magnified bubble.

Keson manufactures quality remodeling and builder tools for electricians and plumbers. Our tools are not only sturdy but also have multiple high-end features for increased productivity and safety.

With an extensive range of plumbing and electrical tools able to handle any building or remodeling job, you simply can’t go wrong by choosing Keson’s quality products. Click here to find a distributor near you.