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Screeding Levels

A screeding level is a specialty level that is best for landscaping and is designed for concrete work. Our special H-beam design provides superior strength. They can also be used as a check rod. Built as a level, by a level company, our screeds are not clip-on levels, but rather come with the level build directly into the tool, providing a degree of accuracy and consistency not achievable with levels clipped onto screeds.

Keson Aluminum Screeding Levels are designed for use in leveling cement, sand or paving stones in driveways, sidewalks and patios. This purpose-made level has a high wall construction. Keson Screed Levels are made to the most exacting European specifications. Will withstand rugged daily use and temperature changes. Easy reading Focus vial is made of shockproof acrylic for durability. Made in Austria.


Standard position:


  • Rugged 6063 aluminum alloy frame provides the highest accuracy for perfect measuring result shock absorbing end caps allow level to withstand use and abuse
  • Lifetime guarantee against leakage and fading of vial with proper use of the level, vials will neither leak nor fade in the sun
  • Wide handles for use outside of the screeding area
  • Support beam runs down the middle of the interior for strength

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1-year Limited Warranty.








LKS39 029075 39 in. 3
LKS59 029082 59 in. 3
LKS78 029099 78 in. 3 2 hand holds
LKS98 029105 98 in. 3 2 hand holds
LKS118 029112 118 in. 3 2 hand holds
LKS7839 029129 78 in. & 39 in. 3 Set, 2 hand holds