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Construction Levels

For years, the spirit and screeding level industry in North America has lacked meaningful innovation. Keson is aiming to change that through our partnership with SOLA Measuring Tools Co. With a combined 120 years of market experience, the Keson and SOLA alliance will build upon Keson’s U.S. manufacturing, existing distribution network and strong relationships by adding SOLA’s European manufacturing expertise, precision-engineering and industry-leading technology.

SOLA’s FOCUS vial technology will change the way you look at construction levels. Compared with industry standard ring vials, the FOCUS vials are extremely accurate and much easier to read. This patented technology gives users a better, faster and more accurate reading even from a distance or in a low-light setting.

The SOLA-branded levels are at the high-end of the market and are the best-of-the-best, just as they have been in Europe and around the world for the last 70 years.

The Keson-branded levels are mid-tier levels with SOLA technology, backed by the reputation Keson has built over the last 50 years.