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Measuring Products

All of our measuring tools are built to last. When it comes to your tools, you know their capabilities and their limitations. Your tools need to work. Period.

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Precision Tools

We make chalk right here in Aurora, IL. Not only is it made in the US, but we feel it’s the best chalk made anywhere in the world.

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Our Principles and Values

You do your job with precision, pride, and passion. It's why you'll get called back to do another. We know our measuring tools can help you get the job done right.

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Engineers Without Borders

See how an engineer from Germany uses Keson products to build roads in Malawai through the Engineers Without Borders Program.

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Keson Industries

A product with the Keson name is among the best of its kind. In 1968 Roy Nosek started Keson Industries, Inc. in Berwyn, Illinois. Operating out of a small office with inventory stored in an adjacent trailer, Keson became a vital resource to professional tradespeople and contractors. The business plan was simple: Outstanding service is just as important as outstanding products.

Four decades later, we are still family owned, and that idea is still our guiding principle. We’ve grown because our service meets the same exacting standards as our products.