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Keson is Rolling with New Measuring Wheels

Tool manufacturer introduces long distance measuring wheels featuring pistol grip handles with brakes, re-set buttons and two-year warranties

AURORA, IL, March 18, 2011 – Keson Industries, a leading supplier and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, measuring and marking tools, today introduced two new measuring wheels, each offering a new counter re-set trigger on the wheel’s handle.

The two new long distance wheels, known as RRT6 and RRT12, also come with a hand brake that is set on the pistol grip handle, enabling users to stop counting instantly, exactly where they want, and thus preventing users from adding length accidentally.

Each wheel also features a fail-safe collapsing hinge that snaps into an extended lock with a simple flick of the wrist, while disconnecting rather than breaking if the user forgets to unlock the trigger.

The wheels are designed with convenient storage in mind, as each one can be collapsed in the middle to enhance storage and portability.

Great for use in construction, road marking and paving, fencing, surveying, traffic control and insurance, each wheel also features five-digit magnified counters that track feet and inches up to 9,999 feet and each wheel comes with a two-year warranty.

The new measuring wheels are just the latest in a broad product line that truly sets Keson apart from any other manufacturer, as the company is now offering 25 different measuring wheels to meet any need, and nearly all other wheels the company offers feature limited lifetime warranties. The nearest competitor offers barely half this level of product variety or warranty protection.

“Customers have been asking for more convenience in the long distance wheels we offer that meets both comfort and heavy use in rough conditions,” said Mark Nepil, Keson’s director of operations and chief product designer. “The new RRT6 and RRT12 long distance wheels have been put through every test we have, so we know that these will be more rock-solid products that our customers will be able to use for years.”

“In the short time I’ve used them, I’ve already seen that these wheels are a huge time-saver for my landscape teams, and I know we can count on the Keson name to deliver quality,” said Tom Zieja, owner, Z’s Lawn & Landscaping, Inc. in LaCrosse, WI. “A two-year warranty really tells me something about a company being willing to stand behind its products, but my own experience over the years has also shown time-after-time that Keson makes rugged products that can take whatever the field dishes out.”

Available now at construction supply stores, home centers and through select online retailers, the new RRT6 and RRT12 Long Distance Wheels sell for approximately $95 and $120 respectively.

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Contractor Supply – March 18, 2011

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