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Hancock Engin RRT12 color Eric - Oak Park bwThe civil engineers at Hancock Engineering have learned through trial and error that nothing beats a Keson tool on the job site. From fresh concrete pours to steaming hot asphalt and toxic sewers, Hancock’s field engineers fearlessly deploy Keson’s measuring and marking tools in any environment, confident that they will get the job done again and again.

Keson Case Study: Hancock Engineering Relies on Keson Tools to Get the Job Done Every Day

Customer Profile:

Headquartered in the near west Chicago suburb of Westchester, IL Hancock Engineering is a consulting engineering firm focused on providing comprehensive engineering services to villages, cities, and other clients in the suburban Chicago area.  Founded in 1911, the company counts the world famous Brookfield Zoo among its happy clients.

Business Situation:

The company’s engineers are regularly on construction sites and required to measure installed quantities and test work-in-progress. This includes frequent involvement in road construction projects for the Illinois Department of Transportation.

“We use a ton of Keson’s tools, including long tapes, measuring wheels, hand-held tape measures, and flagging,” said Chris Baker, a marketing manager and project manager for Hancock Engineering. “We have been using these tools for at least the past 20 years.”

Longtime Keson distributor Kara Company, Inc. is often the supplier to Hancock.


Hancock Engineering’s field team members are using Keson’s measuring wheels, short tapes and long tapes all day long, every day, in a variety of harsh conditions.

“We measure the concrete immediately after it is poured, and this ends up getting concrete cream smeared on the tools. We clean them up, but this often just ends up being a quick wipe down while on the job site,” said Baker. “Yet Keson’s measuring tools are really tough, no matter if we are using them on concrete, fresh asphalt, or in sewers. I still have some Keson long tapes in my tool box that I started using as an intern about 15 years ago.”


  • Rugged equipment proven to take a beating in harsh conditions
  • Convenient size and light weight
  • Dual wheels provide stability and make it easy to measure curved, horizontal and asymmetrical surfaces
  • Easy-read magnified five-digit counter, records up to 9,999 feet and 11 inches without resetting
  • Telescoping handle