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Keson Pocket Rods a Requirement for Body Shops and Insurance Appraisers

Widely used for photo records, thanks to clearly marked measurements, rugged housing and ability to easily remove it from case

AURORA, IL, March 18, 2013 – Keson Industries, a leading supplier and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, measuring and marking tools, makes a vertical reading rod perfect for automotive repair, insurance appraisal and constructions professionals. Known as a pocket rod, these 6 ½-foot (2m) leveling and grading rods are compact and are much more convenient than any full size measuring rod.

They are available in three different scales: PR618 (standard feet and inches), PR2M (Metric) and PR610 (Engineer’s). The PR618 is the most popular among body shops and appraisers because they are ideal for assessing vehicle damage without having to carry a full-size rod. They are also frequently used for foundation work, grading, and swimming pool excavations.

Beyond easy portability, Keson Pocket Rods feature a:

  • Built-in target on 2 sides
  • Nylon coated facing not affected by moisture
  • Non-glare surface
  • Convenient surveyors pole
  • Heavy-duty end hook

“Markings on the Pocket Rod are clearly visible for photographing, and my firm has used it for years to document appraisal work for damaged vehicles,” said Gregory J. Lombardo, president and CEO, National Appraisal & Adjustment Service. “No other product can be seen clearly in pictures while capturing the object behind it.”

Some Keson distributors also offer an accessory kit that includes a magnetic suction cup to hold the pocket rod in place for photos. This makes taking photos of vehicle damage a simple, one-person task.

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Vehicle Service Pros – May 8, 2013

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