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The gentleman with the measuring wheel (pictured above) is Chris R. He is an engineer from the United States of America donating his time and expertise with Engineers Without Borders in Waondo, Kenya on Lake Victoria. Chris was working on an irrigation project to help bring water to a small town in Kenya.

To complete the project, Chris required the use of a measuring wheel. Being unable to purchase a wheel in the area Chris was in, he ordered a wheel on-line from the U.S. A group of engineering students in Wyoming received the wheel and hand delivered it to Chris at his location in Africa.

Unfortunately, the measuring wheel Chris was using on his project broke just outside of Waondo, Kenya  Chris was not exactly able to walk to the nearest surveying store and get a new one, so this time he contacted Keson.

Our solution? The same day Keson received Chris’s email, we donated and shipped him a new digital MP401E, as well as additional products we thought would be useful for his project. In return, Chris sent us some amazing pictures reminding us of how Keson products help our customers make their mark in the world.

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