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Cajun Contractor Interviews President of Keson Industries

AURORA, IL March 15, 2011 – Keson Industries, a leading supplier and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, measuring and marking tools, is proud that company Aaron Nosek was just interviewed as a featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio show Home Talk USA with The Cajun Contractor, Michael King.



Keson Industries President Aaron Nosek




Mr. Nosek was a featured guest on Home Talk USA with The Cajun Contractor, Michael King. Home Talk USA is among the top 100 most influential radio shows in America.




Saturday, March 12, 2011




Mr. Nosek’s full interview, recorded in two parts, can be heard from our website.


Home Talk USA is also broadcast live on Saturdays on the Lifestyle Radio Network and on the Genesis Communications Network, plus it is simulcast on the Accent Radio Network, the Wilkins Communication Network and the Business Talk Radio Network.



Home Talk USA is one of the leading national radio programs dedicated to serving the construction, contractor and do-it-yourself markets. Host Michael King talked with Nosek about the company’s heritage as a 3rd generation U.S. maker of measuring and marking devices, about the company’s new image and about the company’s new products being introduced in early 2011.


Listen to part 1:

Listen to part 2:

About Keson Industries

Keson Industries is a leading maker of measuring tools and devices. Since 1968, Keson has proudly served professionals in a wide array of industries, including archeology, athletic maintenance, automotive insurance estimating, carpentry, construction appraisal and estimating, golf course design, paving, irrigation, landscaping, land surveying, mining and blasting, property insurance, roofing and traffic safety. Keson products are made for people who are passionate about their work and getting it done right. For more information, go to https://www.keson.com/.