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Metal Professional Spoked Wheels


Our best selling metal wheel. The 4-foot circumference wheel levels out uneven ground by spanning divets that smaller wheels would dip into. The wheel’s size enables it to roll and register feet clicks at the best pace in the industry.


Not far behind the MP401 in popularity, this slightly more compact wheel is a little lower in price without compromising any durability.


Our 1 meter circumference wheel registers a single meter click per revolution. It’s about the same size as the MP301.


This is an industry first — we have 10 evenly spaced pins around the 1 meter circumference of this wheel. The result is a metal wheel that registers in decimeters.


We mold 4-foot wheels for our RR series and for a less expensive alternative to the spoked wheels, we offer this model.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Made In USA

Model UPC (052837) Units DIA. Circ. Special Features
MP301 026128 ft. 11-1/2 in. 3 ft. Best seller
MP301M 025763 m .318 m 1 m Steel metric wheel
MP301DM 026265 m, dm .318 m 1 m Most accurate decimeter wheel
MP401 025756 ft. 15-1/2 in. 4 ft. Best seller
MP401P 026111 ft. 15-1/2 in. 4 ft. Plastic wheel, metal frame