Measuring Wheels - RoadRunner Large - Kesonite Wheels

Kesonite Wheels

Made of Kesonite™

There are inherent vulnerabilities of die cast and metal spoked wheels. Everyday use requires that a wheel handle some rough treatment without dents and without bending.

Not all wheels are up to this. Our solution? Invent a new material. Kesonite is a strong, dense metal/resin composite. It holds its shape better than metal and it’s stronger than a spoked or die cast wheel. The weight of the wheel makes it easier to use and more accurate on rough terrain.

Based on the design of the RR Series Large, a model with over 20 years of continuous improvement. Includes a NEW wheel design, material and safety reflector!

Easy-Read, Magnified Counter

5-digit, easy-read, magnified counter measures 9,999 feet, 11 inches (9,999.9 ft. on the engineers' models and 9,999.9 meters on metric).

Now With A 3-PC. Pistol Grip Handle!

The same outstanding features, benefits and reliability of our previous 2-piece handle version with the added convenience of our new 3-piece, pistol grip handle. THe twist locks have been replaced with quick-snap cam locks. The new handle telescopes down to a more compact 23 inches for ease of transport and more compact storage.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Model UPC Units DIA. Circ. Special Features
RR30 026425 ft., in. 11-1/2 in. 3 ft. Increased strength & weight
RR3010 026524 ft., 10ths 11-1/2 in. 3 ft. Increased strength & weight
RR30M 026500 m, dm .318 m 1 m Increased strength & weight
RR40 026463 ft., in. 15-1/2 in. 4 ft. Increased strength & weight