The color and the amount of the pigment determines the vividness and permanence of the line. Keson chalk sticks to your line until you decide you want it to stick to something else. Over the years, we’ve fine tuned our formulas to produce chalk that performs with consistent excellence, batch after batch.

ProChalk & ProChalk Glo

ProChalk is formulated to achieve a perfect line every time. Brilliant color tones provide strong, sharp lines. From the brightest pigments in the industry, we produce standard colors plus our unique, fluorescent Glo-Orange and Glo-Lime for improved visibility.

ProChalk Plus

There is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained with higher grade chalk: you need enough pigment to slap down a line that’s not going anywhere and enough carrier to keep the chalk flowing. ProChalk Plus is formulated to achieve a perfect, lasting line every time.

ProChalk Ultimate

Sometimes called chalk dye, this product lays down a mark that stays. Our red and blue dyes are souped up even more than the ProChalk Plus grades.