Chalk Line Reels

Go big or go home with one of our Giant chalk line reels. These are monster boxes that hold plenty of chalk and have 100’ or more of line for your biggest jobs. All our Giant boxes are proudly made in the USA.

Our standard boxes snap a thin line wherever & whenever you need them.

Giant Chalk Line Reels

Our GIANT® brand is big — so it can hold a lot of string and a lot of chalk. If you‘re snapping dozens of lines, or need big bold lines, grab a GIANT® and make your mark.

Standard Chalk Line Reels

They fit in your hand, tool belt, or tool bag. Thin lines wherever and whenever you need them. Geared rewinds are a time saver. Braided lines are stronger and require fewer replacements. These chalk line reels come with thin multi-material (cotton and polyethylene) lines for pinpoint accuracy and increased strength.