Your feedback on our products is important to us - most of our innovations and improvements come from user suggestions. Your input makes us a better company, building better products. We also love hearing stories of how our products are helping all of you Make Your Mark on jobsites, in your communities, and around the world. We'll share some stories here about how we're making our mark, and we'd also love to hear and share your Make Your Mark moments. Give us a call at 1.800.345.3766 or send us an email at makeyourmark@keson.com.

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The civil engineers at Hancock Engineering have learned through trial and error that nothing beats a Keson tool on the job site. From fresh concrete pours to steaming hot asphalt and toxic sewers, Hancock’s field engineers fearlessly deploy Keson’s measuring and marking tools in any environment, confident that they will get the job done again and again.

Read the full story here.

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The members of ARA’s Transportation Infrastructure Division spend a good amount of time either surveying private, commercial and military airport runways, or monitoring the repair of these runways. This work takes the company to some of the most remote locations in the world, where they face unbelievable weather conditions. And the work can’t be done without their trusted Keson measuring wheels, which are always in tow.

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A consortium of ranchers and private landowners that work toward the improvement of the grazing lands in Nebraska count on Keson Long Tapes to help them with their goals. The organization provides technical assistance and education on grazing land management for a state that is the third-largest producer of cattle in the U.S. .

Using a professional monitoring kit, members of the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition regularly monitor the state’s grazing lands. And every professional monitoring kit the NGLC provides to all enrolled participants always includes a Keson fiberglass open-type reel long tape.

Read the NGLC's Full Story Here

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New Hampshire-based road race director Fergus Cullen uses the Keson MP401 spoked measuring wheel to confirm accurate distances for the races he oversees, like the annual Horne Street School 5K Run held in Dover, NH.

A race director owes runners an accurate course, according to Fergus Cullen, competitive runner, frequent race director and political communications consultant in Dover, NH. Cullen is also the track coach for a local high school, and began organizing races as a way to raise funds to support the teams he coaches.

“It’s not good enough for a race director to drive a course in a car, or even use a GPS, which doesn’t account for the tangents runners take on turns,” Cullen said. “A Keson wheel takes all the guess work out. It’s fine to drive a course or use online mapping tools to get a rough sense of a course, but to determine the precise start and finish lines, you need a Keson wheel.”

“Precision and consistency is important, and the Keson wheel takes care of that,” Cullen said.

Read Fergus' Full Story Here

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Based on 250 acres in the Bronx, New York, the famed New York Botanical Garden is a National Historic Landmark and the largest botanical garden in the U.S. Its 50 garden and plant collections contain more than one million plants.

The man who has managed these grounds for nearly a decade, Wayne Cahilly, serves a demanding audience that come to his workplace seeking beauty, creativity, education, and sometimes even peace of mind. Combine these customer requirements with the challenge of maintaining thousands of plants and trees that are not native to the Bronx and you can understand why Cahilly is equally demanding about the results he gets from his team and from his tools.

Cahilly does much of his own layout work on the grounds, and even for his work away from the Botanical Garden as a forensic arborist, and he prefers a hands-on approach when teaching students in his site engineering class. As such, he prefers to use tools with a track record of reliability. For the past 26 years, he has turned to Keson’s metric and Engineering long tapes to help him perform his job.

Read Wayne's full story here

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Empire Pipe Cleaning serves municipalities throughout southern California, from San Diego north through Los Angeles to Bakersfield and eastward to the Coachella Valley. It cleans and creates closed circuit video (CCTV) of their sewer systems.

Empire Pipe Cleaning’s field superintendent, Ross Flynn, manages seven teams that all use measuring wheels to document the company’s work videotaping and cleaning sewers. Each of Flynn’s crews either clean or videotape the equivalent of about 1 mile of sewer every day, and without the measuring wheels, the company would be unable to provide its clients with accurate reports on completed work.

Read Empire's full story here

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Photo courtesy of Kelly Smallwood, Cave Surveyor

"Your measuring tapes are used by many cavers as the number one measuring tool for underground survey of caves. We have taken these tapes well over 500ft underground and have dragged them through some of the worst mud, grit, and grime you can imagine. We have gone to the point of completely covering the tape with mud – so much mud you cannot even see the numbers. We just washed the tape in water and it’s like new again. Nowhere above ground are you ever going to encounter conditions like what we put these tapes through. You get what you pay for and Keson tapes are just that indestructible!"

Cave Surveyor, Kelly

Read Kelly's full story here

Download Kelly's full story here

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The gentleman with the measuring wheel is Chris R. He is an engineer from Germany donating his time and expertise with Engineers Without Borders in Malawi. Chris was working on an irrigation project. He contacted Keson because the measuring wheel he had bought online in the U.S. had broken. That wheel had been picked up by a group of engineering students in Wyoming and hand delivered to Chris in his location in Africa. When the wheel broke outside of Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital city, Chris was not exactly able to walk to the nearest surveying store and get a new one.

Our solution? We shipped him a new digital MP401E, and some other products the same day we received his email. In return, Chris sent us some amazing pictures reminding us of how Keson products help our customers make their mark in the world.

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 Press Release: Keson Donations Making a Difference for Communities Far and Wide

 STAFDA 2015

We will be at STAFDA this year in Phoenix, AZ!

Come visit us at Booth 904-06 at the Phoenix Convention Center

See you there November 8-10th, 2015


           We will be at STAFDA this year in Charlotte, NC!

           Come visit us at Booth 1208-1210 at the Charlotte Convention Center.

           November 9-11th, 2014


 Press Release: Keson Donates Marking Chalk to Help U.S. Service Members Mark IEDs in Battle

Press Coverage:  Concrete Construction -August 27, 2013

Mark Edmondson joins Keson’s Engineering Team!

Keson Industries is pleased to welcome Mark Edmondson as a project engineer and newest member of the company’s engineering department. Mark has more than four years of experience in product testing, fixture design and fabrication, and process improvement. Before coming to Keson, Mark was responsible for monitoring a fleet of wind turbines for Invenergy. Mark also spent six years as a Fire Controlman (First Class) for the U.S. Navy, where he maintained and operated gun and missile systems aboard U.S. Navy Destroyers. Mark studied journalism at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and earned a BS in Engineering Technology and a BS in Renewable Energy from Illinois State University. Mark lives in Lombard, IL and, in his spare time, turns trees, cows and plastic into tables, books and gadgets.

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This is the second time he has been a guest on this national radio show dedicated to the construction industry.

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Photos courtesy of Katrina Lund, National Park Service

Photos courtesy of John Embesi, NOAA Flower Banks Sanctuary

Photos courtesy of Kelly Smallwood, Sewanee Mountain Grotto

Keson Company Profile


Keson working with TroopsDirect.org to send chalk overseas to troops.